Fire Department

On January 1, 1954 Station 11 opened. It was a two-bay facility constructed at a cost of $33,000. The building, also called the Flamingo Station, was located at 88 East Flamingo Road. It was equipped with one 1953 Seagrave, 750 GPM Pumper and operated by two four-man crews.

The crew worked a 2-Platoon 72/96-hour workweek system. The four men in the A Platoon were Captain Joe Merrill, Driver Gerald Manchester, Firefighter Herman "Kit" Carson, and Firefighter Stan Chuven. The B Platoon crew consisted of Captain Robert Taylor, Driver Clell Henley, Firefighter Norman Forsythe, and Firefighter Merritt Tallman.

In May of 1954, a new 500-gallon tanker and additional personnel were assigned to the Flamingo Station. One firefighter on each platoon was designated as the telephone & radio operator. This dispatch system would be utilized for the next eleven years.

The first Chief of the Clark County Fire Department was William H. Trelease. He held this position from January 1954 until December 1964. Chief Trelease began his firefighting career in 1922 as a charter member of the Las Vegas Volunteer Fire Department. He soon became an Engineer for LVFD.

Chief Trelease used to tell a story of how his Chief once said to him "Get used to being an Engineer, because that will be as high in the ranks as you will ever get." It was not long after that he became the first Fire Chief for CCFD, a position he held for 10 years.

Anyone who ever worked at Station 11 knows that an entire history could be written on that one station alone as it found itself in the busiest area of the county. Station 11 was retired from the fire service in December, 1990 when a new Station 18 was created by combining Stations 11, 18, and all of the administrative functions into one super station.

Station 11 is gone now-nothing more than a memory and a parking lot for the Flamingo Hilton. The station served the Department long and well and will not soon be forgotten.

Station 11 on Retirement Day
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