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Rookie School Schedule Overview

A typical day in a Clark County recruit academy is busy for both recruits and cadre. There is a significant amount of information to cover in a short amount of time.

Below is a sample daily schedule. In examining the schedule recruits should understand that typically they arrive prior to 0700 to make sure that all of their PPE and classroom materials are ready prior to 0700 and that they will stay after 1600 to meet with each other and discuss the day’s events.

The academy schedule will vary depending on educational and training opportunities. Recruits may be asked to come in early and stay late so that required training may be accomplished.

  0700 Day begins
  0700-0715 Presentation of colors and morning inspection
  0715-0800 Morning duties and clean-up
  0800-0850 Exam from previous days lecture
  0850-0900 Break
  0900-1100 Daily lecture and presentation
  1100-1200 Lunch
  1200-1430 Skills practice and practical evolutions
  1430-1545 Conditioning/Physical Training
  1545-1600 Daily overview and TAC officer meetings
  1600 Recruits released

Recruits should be prepared for lecture, quizzes and/or examinations everyday they come to class.
All equipment, both classroom and PPE/PT, will be brought to class everyday regardless of expected schedule.

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