Fire Department


Academics are an integral part of every recruit fire academy. Successful recruits should expect to study every night of the week. Weekends should be used for review of previously covered material and to pre-read for the next week. Recruits must understand that the fire academy is a cumulative program of study and each area of instruction builds upon the one before it. Keeping this in mind, tests may include any and all material that has been covered up to the day of the test regardless of date or time presented.

Clark County Fire Department requires recruits to score a minimum of 80% on all written exams and quizzes. Failure to achieve a passing score on three exams over the duration of the fire academy will result in termination. Recruits are also required to score a minimum of 80% on all Emergency Medical Services (EMS) exams and quizzes. This includes, but is not limited to, Southern Nevada Health District Protocol exams and skills assessment. Recruits are also required to maintain a minimum cumulative academy grade of 80% throughout the duration of the fire academy.

Along with bookwork recruits will be tested on their ability to perform fire ground skills and on their physical fitness. Recruits must successfully pass all 15 skills benchmark exams. Recruits will be allowed 3 attempts to pass each benchmark. Failure to successfully complete the skills benchmark within 3 attempts will result in termination. During the last week of the fire academy recruits will be tested on their physical fitness. A skills and manipulation course will be set-up and recruits will be graded on their individual time needed to complete the course. Failure of this exam only occurs if the recruit is unable to complete the course.

Recruits will also be tested on Clark County Fire Department Rules & Regulations, Standard Operating Procedures, and other fire department policies in conjunction with their regular textbook work.

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