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Fire Academy Physical Fitness

Clark County recruit academies are demanding both mentally and physically. Physical fitness is one of the most important aspects of a firefighters daily job. Firefighters must be able to perform strenuous job activities for extended duration and under adverse working conditions.

Typically, physical training is broken up with alternating upper and lower body days with some form of cardiovascular conditioning done everyday. Upper body workouts might include pushups, sit-ups, bicep curls, shoulder presses, pull-ups and chin-ups, or dips. Lower body workouts might include running stairs, step-ups, lunges, pulling hose, or wall sits. Stretching is done before and after each day’s workout.

Recruits must understand that fire academy activities will not be limited or put on hold due to the various weather extremes that are prevalent within the Las Vegas valley. Successful recruits must be prepared to perform skills and drills, both in and out of PPE, in temperatures that range from 30F - 120F or higher during live fire evolutions. With this in mind recruits must understand that the fire academy is not the place to get into shape. In order to be truly prepared recruits must be in shape when they arrive on the first day.

Examples of upper and lower body workout:

Upper Body

  • Stretch and half mile warm up jog
  • 2.75 mile run
  • Circuit workout including
    • Pushups 6 sets x 10 repetitions
    • Bicep curls 2 sets x 10 repetitions 45lb barbell
    • Shoulder press 2 sets x 10 repetitions 45lb barbell
    • Dips 2 sets x 10 repetitions
    • Pull-ups 2 sets x 10 repetitions
    • Sit-ups (various types) 6 sets x 25 repetitions
  • Stretch

Lower Body

  • Stretch and half mile warm up jog
  • 2.75 mile run
  • Circuit workout including
    • Bodyweight Lunges 3 sets x 20 repetitions
    • Tower run ( up to fourth floor) 3 sets
    • Wall sits 3 sets x 75 seconds
    • Sit-ups (various types) 6 sets x 25 reps
  • Group 2/12” hose pull 6 sets x 50 yards
  • Stretch

Click here to see physical fitness video.

Other forms of physical training will incorporate PPE familiarization and work hardening such as the Paris Tower walk, Orleans arena walk, or a PPE run.

To see alternate conditioning video click here.

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