Fire Department

Recruit Responsibilities

In joining the Clark County Fire Department as a fire academy recruit you have taken on a new set of expectations and responsibilities. The Clark County Fire Department and the fire service as a whole demand from its firefighters a certain level of leadership, adaptability, flexibility, stress management, attention to detail, and responsibility.

Quality, well-rounded firefighters are able to adapt and change based on what the incident or situation asks of them. The same is true for the successful recruit. The fire academy is a very dynamic workplace in which recruits must be able to quickly and efficiently transition between physical training, lecture, skills evolutions, EMS, and public interaction. No day in the fire academy is the same as the one before.

Honor, integrity, honesty, and pride are words that Clark County firefighters live by everyday. Fire academy recruits are expected to uphold these ideals and live the mission statement of the Clark County Fire Department.

Safety is the number one concern of everyone involved with a Clark County fire academy. Recruits are expected to bring all of their personal protective equipment, lecture materials, physical training gear, and other necessary equipment on a daily basis. Recruits are also expected to completely and accurately check out and maintain all equipment issued to them. Attention to detail is of the utmost importance. Recruits who forget to bring their equipment or are lazy in their daily checkout of PPE and SCBA risk injuring not only themselves but also their fellow classmates and cadre. 

The fire academy is designed to prepare and expose recruits to all aspects of fire department operations and activities. At various times throughout the fire academy recruits will intentionally be placed in stress inducing situations to help them better understand the rigors of firefighting and how to mentally and emotionally handle work related stressors. Mental toughness is a quality that successful recruits all have in common.

Firefighters by nature are go-getters. Fire academy recruits should also be active and looking for opportunities to help whenever possible. Successful recruits should always be busy when given assignments and, when applicable, looking for ways to help out fellow recruits or complete additional work as needed.

Your academy cadre understands that there may be times during the fire academy when personal issues arise that are not academy related. Communication between recruits and academy cadre is vitally important at these moments. If personal issues arise during the fire academy recruits should contact their assigned cadre member first to inform them of the situation and what actions, if any, are required of either the recruit or cadre. The cadre is available to recruits 24 hours a day for un-expected personal issues. Your cadre is willing and able to help but only if you inform them of whatever problems you may be experiencing. Seek help and communicate with your academy cadre early and often.

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