Fire Department

  • Fireworks are legal only from June 28 until July 4.

  • Illegal fireworks are those that have not met the Safe and Sane performance standards.

  • Typically, illegal fireworks are not well made and therefore not safe.

  • Illegal fireworks are the cause of most fireworks-related fires and injuries.

  • Possessing or using illegal fireworks is a misdemeanor.

  • NO type of fireworks are ever allowed on federal property.

  • Use only Safe and Sane fireworks.

  • Read and follow the instructions.

  • Restrict use to areas with hard surfaces (ex. parking lots, paved cul-de-sacs etc.)

  • Have a pre-connected garden hose ready in case of fire.

  • Have a five-gallon bucket of water to store spent fireworks (let them cool before handling!)

  • Keep an eye on children and make sure they do not approach fireworks.

  • If a firework fails to ignite, do not approach it for an extended period of time.

  • Young children should not handle fireworks (even sparklers reach very high temperatures.)

  • Remember that all types of fireworks can cause burns and start fires.

  • If a burn occurs, apply cool water and compress to the affected area. In case of blistering (2nd degree burn), seek medical help.

  • Do not drink alcohol while handling fireworks.

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