Fire Department

Looking toward the future...

As we continue to welcome newcomers into Clark County, we are constantly reminded of the necessity for the CCFD to provide more and better services to all its citizens and visitors.

In January 2000, the Board of County Commissioners approved the funding, construction, and operating costs of one fire station per year for the next 10 years. At times, County officials allow a developer to provide costs for fire station construction or the donation of apparatus as part of the development’s approval. All new stations are 10,000 square feet structures with three bays.

To see how we are growing with the community, we invite you to review the list of stations in construction stage as well as those proposed for opening in the near future.

Stations Scheduled to Open
Station Location Anticipated Completion
Station 20 Rebuild at current location Mid 2010
Station 22 Rebuild at current location Mid 2010
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