Incident Types Explained
Date & TimeAgencyIncident TypeAddressDistrictMap
Aug 1 2015 9:09PMClark CountyMedical Aid - D Level6650 W Flamingo Rd, Clark County 8910302719-93map
Aug 1 2015 9:05PMCity of Las VegasF16-Public Asst Jurisdiction P1608 Hills Of Red Dr, Las Vegas 8912802216-97map
Aug 1 2015 9:03PMNorth Las VegasMedical Aid - C Level525 Kings Ave, North Las Vegas 8903002125-83map
Aug 1 2015 9:02PMClark CountyF3H-Building Fire10370 Madagascar Palm St, Clark County 8914103621-87map
Aug 1 2015 9:02PMNorth Las VegasMedical Aid - A Level2121 E Craig Rd, North Las Vegas 8903001826-58map
Aug 1 2015 8:59PMCity of Las VegasMedical Aid - D Level1013 Greenway Dr, Las Vegas 8910802321-57map
Aug 1 2015 8:58PMClark CountyBasic Life Support4255 Spencer St, Clark County 8911902826-25map
Aug 1 2015 8:56PMClark CountyMedical Aid - C Level3663 S Las Vegas Blvd, Clark County 8910902823-39map
Aug 1 2015 8:51PMCity of Las VegasMedical Aid - D10 Level6135 Villa De Picasso Ave, Las Vegas 8913101319-69map
Aug 1 2015 8:21PMCity of Las VegasMedical Aid - D10 Level8009 Redskin Cir, Las Vegas 8914502417-75map
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