Incident Types Explained
Date & TimeAgencyIncident TypeAddressDistrictMap
Feb 13 2016 11:49PMClark CountyOne Truck & Rescue3801 S Las Vegas Blvd, Clark County 8911902923-19map
Feb 13 2016 11:45PMClark CountyMedical Aid - D Level953 E Sahara Ave, Clark County 8910902625-17map
Feb 13 2016 11:44PMCity of Las VegasMedical Aid - A Level10724 Grand Cypress Ave, Las Vegas 8913402214-11map
Feb 13 2016 11:40PMClark CountyOne Engine or Quint2895 E Charleston Blvd, Clark County 8910402527-15map
Feb 13 2016 11:39PMClark CountyMedical Aid - D Level3555 S Las Vegas Blvd, Clark County 8910902724-81map
Feb 13 2016 11:35PMClark CountyF16-Public Asst Jurisdiction P4843 S Torrey Pines Dr, Clark County 8910302819-95map
Feb 13 2016 11:32PMClark CountyMedical Aid - D Level5370 E Craig Rd, Clark County 8911501831-53map
Feb 13 2016 11:30PMClark CountyBasic Life Support355 E Primm Blvd, Clark County 8901936699-58map
Feb 13 2016 11:28PMCity of Las VegasMedical Aid - D LevelE Bonanza Rd / Triest Ct, Las Vegas 8911002328-96map
Feb 13 2016 11:26PMCity of Las VegasMedical Aid - C Level8220 Fawn Heather Ct, Las Vegas 8914901517-72map
Feb 13 2016 10:58PMClark CountyMedical Aid - A Level7132 Paradise Bay Dr, Clark County 8911903226-87map
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