Incident Types Explained
Date & TimeAgencyIncident TypeAddressDistrictMap
Oct 20 2016 12:20PMCity of Las VegasMedical Aid - C Level525 E Bonanza Rd, Las Vegas 8910102325-98map
Oct 20 2016 12:18PMClark CountyMedical Aid - C Level3330 E Tropicana Ave, Clark County 8912102927-19map
Oct 20 2016 12:13PMClark CountyBasic Life Support3925 S Jones Blvd, Clark County 8910302721-81map
Oct 20 2016 12:12PMCity of Las VegasMedical Aid - C Level6320 Whispering Meadow Ct, Las Vegas 8913001621-26map
Oct 20 2016 12:08PMCity of Las VegasMedical Aid - C Level8305 Vibrant Dr, Las Vegas 8911702517-34map
Oct 20 2016 12:07PMClark CountyMedical Aid - D Level740 Wind River Dr, Clark County 8911002431-15map
Oct 20 2016 11:57AMCity of Las VegasMedical Aid - D Level1401 N Michael Way, Las Vegas 8910802321-35map
Oct 20 2016 11:56AMCity of Las VegasMedical Aid - D Level364 Wisteria Ave, Las Vegas 8910702421-43map
Oct 20 2016 11:49AMCity of Las VegasMedical Aid - D1 Level4349 Vegas Dr, Las Vegas 8910802322-13map
Oct 20 2016 11:48AMCity of Las VegasMedical C/D-1 PN9/272404 Ginger Lily Ln, Las Vegas 8913402115-99map
Oct 20 2016 11:33AMCity of Las VegasMedical Aid - C Level6151 Vegas Dr, Las Vegas 8910802319-19map
Oct 20 2016 11:28AMCity of Las VegasMedical Aid - C Level2313 Sunrise Ave, Las Vegas 8910102426-88map
Oct 20 2016 11:26AMCity of Las VegasMedical Aid - C Level400 S Rampart Blvd, Las Vegas 8914502416-35map
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