Incident Types Explained
Date & TimeAgencyIncident TypeAddressDistrictMap
Oct 22 2014 6:28PMClark CountyMedical Aid - D Level5600 Boulder Hwy, Clark County 8912202831-97map
Oct 22 2014 6:27PMNorth Las VegasMedical Aid - C Level3724 Blairmoor St, North Las Vegas 8903201923-38map
Oct 22 2014 6:23PMCity of Las VegasBasic Life Support1150 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas 891042525-14map
Oct 22 2014 6:22PMCity of Las VegasMedical Aid - A Level200 N 28th St, Las Vegas 8910102427-63map
Oct 22 2014 6:20PMCity of Las VegasBasic Life SupportS Eastern Ave / E Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas 8910102426-98map
Oct 22 2014 6:18PMClark CountyMedical Aid - A Level3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, Clark County 8910902724-14map
Oct 22 2014 6:17PMClark CountyOne Engine or Quint8455 W Sahara Ave, Clark County 8911702517-93map
Oct 22 2014 6:17PMCity of Las VegasOne Engine8490 Westcliff Dr, Las Vegas 8914502317-91map
Oct 22 2014 6:16PMClark CountyBasic Life Support1201 E Sahara Ave, Clark County 891692525-99map
Oct 22 2014 6:12PMCity of Las VegasMedical Aid - C Level2219 N Rancho Dr, Las Vegas 8913002222-25map
Oct 22 2014 5:58PMClark CountyBasic Life SupportE Silverado Ranch Blvd / Walmer Castle Ln, Clark County 8912303624-16map
Oct 22 2014 5:53PMClark CountyMedical Aid - A Level5757 Wayne Newton Blvd, Clark County 8911902925-82map
Oct 22 2014 5:36PMCity of Las VegasMedical Aid - A Level1725 Bannie Ave, Las Vegas 8910202524-35map
Oct 22 2014 5:33PMCity of Las VegasVehicle Accident - B LevelW Craig Rd / N Buffalo Dr, Las Vegas 8912901818-51map
Oct 22 2014 5:33PMCity of Las VegasMedical Aid - A Level2881 N Rancho Dr, Las Vegas 8913002122-41map
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