Incident Types Explained
Date & TimeAgencyIncident TypeAddressDistrictMap
Aug 29 2016 8:03PMClark CountyMedical Aid - D Level990 Sierra Vista Dr, Clark County 8916902725-27map
Aug 29 2016 8:00PMClark CountyOne Engine or Quint2645 Lynnwood St, Clark County 8910902625-23map
Aug 29 2016 7:58PMClark CountyMedical Aid - D Level5975 W Twain Ave, Clark County 8910302721-51map
Aug 29 2016 7:55PMCity of Las VegasMedical Aid - C Level1820 Denby Ave, Las Vegas 8910602424-12map
Aug 29 2016 7:53PMClark CountyMedical Aid - D Level4336 Shalimar Ave, Clark County 8911501929-11map
Aug 29 2016 7:53PMNorth Las VegasMedical Aid - C Level200 Imagination Ave, North Las Vegas 8903201825-85map
Aug 29 2016 7:50PMCity of Las VegasMedical Aid - C Level520 S Casino Center Blvd, Las Vegas 8910102425-53map
Aug 29 2016 7:48PMCity of Las VegasMedical Aid - C Level6500 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas 8910702419-93map
Aug 29 2016 7:37PMClark CountyMedical Aid - D Level10647 Allegrini Dr, Clark County 8914103721-21map
Aug 29 2016 7:34PMCity of Las VegasF20L-Vehicle Fire1270 Burnham Ave, Las Vegas 8910402526-27map
Aug 29 2016 7:31PMClark CountyMedical Aid - C Level2255 E Sunset Rd, Clark County 8911903226-18map
Aug 29 2016 7:29PMCity of Las VegasMedical Aid - D Level8116 Pecan Valley Ave, Las Vegas 8913101317-85map
Aug 29 2016 7:28PMCity of Las VegasVehicle Accident - D Level BC1701 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas 8910202524-15map
Aug 29 2016 7:23PMClark CountyMedical Aid - A-2 Level3059 Paintedhills Ave, Clark County 8912003127-16map
Aug 29 2016 6:36PMCity of Las VegasMedical Aid - C Level8616 Burning Hide Ave, Las Vegas 8914301316-67map
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